Friday, August 26, 2011

INSTANCE x Kid Creature

Calvin Saxton, a.k.a. Kid Creature, is a 11 year old kid with a huge love for life. His early childhood was hampered by severe allergies and asthma. Calvin used to plead that his parent let him surf because he actually felt much better and healthier when he was in the water. He’s been in the water ever since, becoming an avid surfer, which helps tremendously in those bouts with asthma.

He started drawing, which soon became his signature style of art that eventually made its way onto t-shirts. His art is pure, true and captures the essence of a kid with a huge imagination and a gift of expression. Cal has always had a big heart for kids who struggle for any reason with specific empathy for anyone who labors to breath. Cal donates 10% of the profit on all of his Kid Creature sales to help fight against cystic fibrosis. So when you purchase the Stance x Kid Creature sock, or a shirt on the site, you are helping the fight for breath that many kids are struggling with every day. Cal called in the following quote, “I dig the guys from Stance because they let an 11 year old go wild on some socks with no rules and they understand my twisted imagination!” Wild indeed, couldn’t have said it better ourselves. From head to hand, uninterrupted by any artistic standard, Kid Creature is an inspiration to us all. Kid Creature socks along with the entire Fall 2012 collection available now at finer retail locations nationwide.

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