Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hip-Hop Karaoke Montreal

 L-R-G sponsors the always fun HHK MTL. Don’t call it a comeback!
Due to its enchanting love affair with Montreal and the undying love and support from fans,  Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal will be returning as a monthly to Le Belmont (4483 St. Laurent Blvd), with its eighth round happening Thursday November 15th, 2012. After a hiatus that began last Fall, and was shortly interupted by a one-off party in June which was its biggest one to date, the city's most unique nightlife event has tapped into some new resources - call it HHKMTL 2.0 if you will - and is coming back bigger and better than ever. Now returning on a monthly basis with the first date being November 15th, this first hip hop reunion in months will be followed by soon to be announced December, January, and February dates!

With a design competition launched last month, alongside its brand new Facebook page and Instagram feed, HHKMTL hollered out to the city's brightest visual talent with a call for submission for a new logo and flyer design. Receiving a ton of great entries and ultimately chosing a design by Overthebreaks (seen above and attached) - an artist and gentleman responsible for some of the most refreshing art work in the city's local music scene - HHKMTL has now gotten a new visual makeover.
Despite the new facelift, HHKMTL retains the same voice. Local hip hop veteran Dshade will be hosting as always, calling performers and future legends to the side of the stage and making sure the crowd is well-served. DJ Midas - a 13-year student in the arts of DJing and party-rocking in Montreal, will be handling the turntables and dropping every beat right on time.
HHKMTL is also extremely proud to continue its partnership with CJLO 1690AM - a pillar of its success since the first event - and to enter a brand new partnership with CultMTL, the city's newest and most exciting source of local news, arts, and culture. In addition, L-R-G and Urbanears are kindly providing product to reward our best performers and allow us to run pre-event contests through our online platforms. Last but not least, HHKMTL is beyond happy to return to its home - St. Laurent's own Le Belmont.


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