Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broken Social Scene - Pitchfork P.O.V. Series

RVCA Advocates Broken Social Scene were recently in Chicago playing the Pitchfork fest. During some time off they filmed a special new segment for Pitchfork's new P.O.V. series doing three songs-- including one unreleased jam-- at Lincoln Hall. The segment lets you play director and switch in live time between 6 different camera angles and since there are more members in BSS than your average band, the extra perspectives really come in handy. You can also watch all six streams at once, and switch angles by clicking one of the numbered thumbnails on the screen. It's a blast. And big ups to the guys in the band for being so nicely decked out in all of RVCA's latest and greatest Summer 2010 duds!

Click HERE to give it a whirl!

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