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CDN CNRT Lafarge stop #1

stop #1 in the 2012 canadian concrete bmx jam series.
Lafarge park in Coquitlam BC was host to all the shredders, and coincidentally, the hottest day of the year so far!
Filmed and edited by Surrey Steve.
Presented by Etnies, Cariboo Brewing, & Norco Bikes:
The British Columbia 3 part skatepark jam series!
3 parks, am and pro classes, for young and old riders and everyone in between!
$700 pro purse at each park!
more prizes and giveaways than ever before!

Canadian concrete Lafarge Coquitlam 2012. The first official hot day of the year ended up being at the first stop of the etnies, L-R-G and Dragon sponsored Canadian Concrete bmx jams this summer.  Lafarge is always a scorcher, with very little shade from the trees, and a clean glaring bright park, it had more than a few riders heading for the adjacent water park to cool off! 
As always, the am classes make us feel like we can’t ride a bike anymore!  Kazra Moseni got the bump from am-good to am-great, and won a new frame from colony for his non-stop shredding.  In the am-good class, cdn cncrt regular Joel Dykstra, edged out everyone in this stacked grouping to get to the top dog spot plus get a new Haro frame.  He didn’t finish top 3, but Oscar Nunez got our vote for the most improved rider from last year.  Oscar went from fly-outs in 2011, to shredding the spine & quarters this year.  Practice pays off homey!
The pro class was one of the largest we’ve had in recent years.  With $500 for the top 3, $200 for best trick, the temp around 30 degrees (Celsius folks), the riders were battling the heat and each other for some rent money.  Colony’s Brandon Van Dulken came out on top, with crazy tech lines, big airs, and a flair at height thrown in for good measure.  He was actually surprised he came out on top, although no one else who was watching the jam was.  To say Brandon is humble is an understatement.  Matt Desson (S&M) came correct with some long manual lines, rail trickery, and overall radness in every area of the park.  Third place went to James Van de Kamp (norco), who airs as higher than everyone, and does it smoothly and with style.  We’re always stoked to see just how high he’s going to boost everything in his path.
As for Pro best trick winner?   Was there doubt in any of the judges (or crowds) minds that “dirty” Dave Myers won it right out of the gate?  A HUGE fufanu on the back sub rail, pulled first try, right at the start of best trick, kept the rest of the class trying to come up with something that was more tech or burley as what Dave threw down.  It was a NBD at this classic bmx park, and had taken out many a rider in the past (maybe miron? Mach? Lowe?).  The day was definitely Dave’s, 200 bucks and bragging rights were unanimously his. See you August 5th at Brookswood Langley!

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